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Matthew Noreen


Owner & Lead Viticulturist

My passion lies in the direct connection with our valued customers. I find immense satisfaction in being able to personally understand their unique visions, challenges, and aspirations for their vineyards. This hands-on approach allows me to provide tailored solutions that not only meet their immediate needs but also contribute to their long-term success. The joy of witnessing our clients' vineyards flourish, knowing that our expertise played a part in their growth, is what truly fuels my dedication to this industry. This personal touch is at the heart of our business philosophy, and it's what sets us apart in delivering exceptional results and building enduring relationships. ​


With over a decade of dedicated experience in viticulture and vineyard consulting, My career has been defined by a passion for cultivating high-quality grapes and optimizing vineyard operations for maximum yield and quality. Through hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the nuances of various grape varieties, I have consistently delivered exceptional results for clients. My proficiency extends to soil analysis, irrigation management, pest control strategies, and sustainable viticultural practices. I am committed to providing strategic insights and tailored solutions to help future or established vineyard owners achieve their goals.


My background in farming is extensive, and I've held various positions in the agriculture business. Recently, I made the decision to dedicate myself entirely to the cultivation of San Diego wine grapes. I completed comprehensive Viticulture and Soil Science courses at Mt. San Jacinto College. This program, structured by UC Davis and guided by the accomplished Greg Pennyroyal, Head Viticulturist and Vineyard Manager at Wilson Creek in Temecula, provided invaluable insights. Additionally, I pursued Enology courses at Miracosta College under the mentorship of Jim Hart, the Owner and Winemaker of Volcan Winery, Hart Winery, and Milagro Winery. Currently, I stand at the forefront of vineyard installations and management teams, overseeing a portfolio of over a dozen local vineyards across North County San Diego. My work ethic is succinctly summarized by the age-old adage, "Quality Over Quantity." When I'm not meticulously examining each vine for health and quality, you'll find me taking in the natural beauty of the vineyards. I am committed to helping you grow your own local QUALITY wine grapes today.


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