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Vineyard Services

Services We Offer:


Comprehensive North County San Diego Vineyard Consulting

From assisting with quality enhancements to your existing Vineyards  to advising on disease management, SD Water Into Wine Vineyard Consulting is your solution when your vineyard presents a challenge of any kind. Whether you need help from a consultant taking care of your new vineyard, Installing a new vineyard , or managing or simply  just want tips from a qualified expert, I am here to help provide you the quality advice that you can rely on for QUALITY RESULTS.

 Some of the subjects I CONSULT on ONLY involves vineyard development and cultivation in North County San Diego including:

◦Canopy Management ( Pruning and Thinning )

◦Cover Crop Management

◦Disease Mitigation and Guidance

◦Harvest Consultations

◦Planting Consultations

◦Root Stock Selection

◦Soil Amendment Recommendations

◦Laboratory Soil testing

◦Vine Varietal Selections

◦Vineyard Planning

◦Vineyard Site Evaluations

◦Trellising, Irrigation and Vineyard Establishment

Land Evaluation

  • Comprehensive sight evaluation for premium vineyard potential including analysis of soil physical properties and chemical composition, soil classifications, nutrient availability, and drainage.

  • Water quality analysis for agricultural suitability including pH, bicarbonate levels, and other elements and compounds.

  •  mapping services for climatic and topographical viability as well as the calculation of acreage within optimal slope and aspect.

Vineyard Design & Installation

  • Comprehensive vineyard planning including block layout based on slope, aspect, and soil properties; block attributes such as row spacing and direction; varietal, rootstock, and clone selection best suited for the slope, aspect, and climate.

  • Recommendations for pre-planting soil amendments, vineyard infrastructure, irrigation, and vine training techniques.

  • Complete project management to ensure proper installation for a San Diego Top Notch Quality vineyard.

Viticultural Consulting

  • All-season advising to maximize fruit quality and uniformity through strategic vine maintenance, irrigation, plant nutrition, and pest management.

  • Biodynamic, organic, and traditional cultivation advising available. Matthew Noreen & SD Water Into Wine shares His growers' committment to producing the highest quality  North County San Diego fruit available without compromise 

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