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What We Do:

We are your trusted partner and friend for all aspects of vineyard management. From enhancing quality in existing vineyards to providing expertise in disease management, we offer tailored solutions for every vineyard challenge. Whether you're establishing a new vineyard or seeking advice on existing ones, our seasoned consultants are here to provide reliable guidance for exceptional results.

Our specialized consulting covers a range of critical areas in vineyard development and cultivation specific to North County San Diego, including:

  • Canopy Management (Pruning and Thinning)

  • Cover Crop Management

  • Disease Mitigation and Guidance

  • Harvest Consultations

  • Planting Consultations

  • Rootstock Selection

  • Soil Amendment Recommendations

  • Laboratory Soil Testing

  • Vine Varietal Selections

  • Vineyard Planning

  • Vineyard Site Evaluations

  • Trellising, Irrigation, and Vineyard Establishment

Land Evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the potential of your land for premium vineyard development. This includes an in-depth analysis of soil physical properties, chemical composition, classifications, nutrient availability, and drainage. Additionally, we perform water quality analysis to assess its suitability for agricultural purposes, taking into account factors such as pH levels, bicarbonate concentrations, and other elements and compounds. Our mapping services further ensure optimal climatic and topographical conditions, aiding in the calculation of acreage within ideal slopes and aspects.

Vineyard Design & Installation

Our meticulous planning encompasses block layout based on slope, aspect, and soil attributes, as well as considerations for row spacing and direction. We offer expert advice on varietal, rootstock, and clone selection tailored to your specific slope, aspect, and climate. Recommendations for pre-planting soil amendments, vineyard infrastructure, irrigation, and vine training techniques are also provided. We oversee complete project management to ensure the installation of a top-tier vineyard of San Diego's highest quality.

Viticultural Consulting

Our year-round advising is designed to optimize fruit quality and uniformity through strategic vine maintenance, precise irrigation practices, plant nutrition, and pest management. We offer expertise in biodynamic, organic, and traditional cultivation methods. Matthew Noreen & SD Water Into Wine share a commitment to producing the highest quality North County San Diego fruit available, without compromise.


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